Can't get into group rides -- endless "Finding Riders" message

Group rides have been incredibly buggy for me for the last month or so, but today I encountered an extremely frustrating issue that I couldn’t seem to solve and that makes a group ride impossible.

I joined a group ride today about 2 minutes late. When I joined, I got the “Finding Riders” message – for 5 minutes. I dropped out of the ride and joined again, and had the same message for minutes. It couldn’t seem to put me into the group, so I couldn’t do the group ride at all.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

Hi Lisa - the extended “finding riders” normally disappears fairly quickly, but sicne you are not finding them quickly, it could well be related to a poor network connection somewhere between you and Zwift mothership.
If you are techie minded, you can drop your log file onto and see if that highlights any network issues. You can also try changing your wifi channel (if you use Wifi), and sometimes a re-start of your internet router can help.

If you need help with any of these suggestions, just holler (loads of clever people around this place that can possibly help).

Maybe the new update yesterday has also done something to help out?

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