Domyos Treadmill Integration

Please introduce Zwift Run integration with Domyos treadmills that have BLE/ANT+ like T900. Currently Kinomap works seamlessly with Domyos treadmill once synced through E-connected app; Kinomap also reads third-party HR & Cadence sensors and seamlessly uploads to Strava. Would love such a handshake between Zwift x Decathlon/Domyos x Strava.

The likely issue is Domyos doesn’t conform to Bluetooth FTMS or ANT+ FE-C standards - the fact that it needs a “bridging” app is a dead giveaway. Respectfully, that’s not on Zwift to fix - they could invest thousands of hours and not make a dent in in the list of “non-standard” fitness equipment.

I’d suggest looking at the NPE-Runn treadmill sensor, a footpod, or maybe try the “QZ Q Domyos” app on Android/iOS - it’s supposed to act as a bridge.

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Thanks for explaining. Since I’m able to pair my Domyos T900 treadmill, HR & cadence sensors (ANT+) to Kinomap, I was hopeful that Zwift app may be able to do it too once they tie up with Decathlon/Domyos like Kinomap.

Yes, for now I’ve ordered the Runpod; hoping that my cycling HR sensor syncs with Zwift Run, since my Fitbit Versa 3 (or Fitbit platform) also doesn’t seem to be compatible with Zwift.

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