Does your ftp affect speed like height and weight?

(J G) #1

I know the profile needs to be updated and I believe (I am a newbie) that an ftp value is defaulted in there…but, does that ftp value do anything for you to affect the resistance and your speed?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

No, FTP is just used to scale structured workouts so they are appropriate for you.  It has no effect on anything else in Zwift.

(J G) #3

Tks John. I was curious because my kick snap doesn’t seem to be changing the resistance. I see power/sp/cad data (no drop out that I can see). But tonight I was going up a climb and never felt it “tighten” up. Brand new Kick snap so optical sensor should be fine. I see some posts about erg vs sim mode, etc but I don’t control that. Ideas? Ant+ dongle or what?

(Jon Mayfield) #4

If you were doing a workout, you will not feel the hills.  If you weren’t doing a workout there are two things to check.  1) Make sure your snap is up to date on it’s firmware. The wahoo phone app can check this for you.  23 is the last version I’ve seen for the SNAP.   2)  In the settings screen you can dial in how much you want to feel the hills via the trainer difficulty slider.   It should be set to half way but maybe it’s been moved down to 0?

Hopefully that helps.

(J G) #5

I was not doing a workout. Just riding group. 

(J G) #6

I think I will start a new thread since I changed the subject…tks Jon.