Power rookie here. FTP and Wahoo Kickr questions

I’m a long time cyclist, but very new to power measurements and FTP testing. I’m hoping a few of these questions can be answered here.  I have Wahoo Kickr.

Regarding power and performing a FTP test. Yes, I see Zwift has a specific FTP workout just for these, however…

  1. Is an acceptable test to run 20 minutes hard with my Kickr with it NOT controlling the resistance based on hills so there is a static resistance?

  2. Should I have the controlled resistance turned on during the test?

  3. Ideally, should I just be using FTP workout in the game?

  4. Are all 3 above viable options so long as my test is consistent?


Lastly, specifically regarding the Kickr and bike mount. My shifting when the wheel is on is just fine and I have no issues. My shifting when I am mounted to the Kickr cassette is also just fine. However, when I am pedaling at even 50 rpm in certain gears outside of the middle one or two gears, I have a dominant clicking coming from the rear derailleur. I can visibly see it click/pop up and down as well and can only assume it’s a mounting issue. Has anyone experienced this and know how to fix it?

Hi Jeremy. When you do a FTP test the resistance doesn’t change on hills. You’re put into a standard mode and it’s up to you to increase or decrease power by changing gear and pedaling at different speeds. For the 20 minute testing interval Zwift takes you out of ERG mode (fixed power / fixed wattage).

Once you know your FTP you can do workouts. The intensity of the intervals etc is then a % of your FTP.

Does this answer everything?

That make sense. Is the test equivalent to not using ERG mode and not having the kickr controlled by the app? Just static resistance? 

You can adjust the barrel screw on the rear derailleur and that should get it to stop making jump gears. The Kickr could have a different set of gears on it compared to your bike.

Here is a link to a GCN video on how to do it: https://youtu.be/Bbk5RcH0bbQ

Hello, if I get a clicking sound with my KickR, I pause my cadence a second, then start pedaling again and it usually goes away. Seems like it has to do with drivetrain load. I don’t think it is shift tuning related.


ERG mode sucks.

 Paul, thanks for the link. I’ve already indexed everything and that’s not the culprit. I’m having no skipping and everything is changing fine and staying in place. When I am in certain gears and barely moving (I can move the chain in about 3-4 inches front and back in a key place), the rear derailleur will move a few mm up and pop back into place. Almost like a slipping motion. The chain is relatively new (150 miles or so) and the kickr is brand new, so I don’t envision that being it. 

Carl, is the clicking coming from the Kickr or from your drivetrain?

Hello Jeremy

Have you tried adjusting the outer cable at the rear derailleur, just a quarter turn at a time?

The cable adjustment determines the sitting position of the chain on the cassette in each gear. It is possible the chain will run smooth on your outdoor setup but ‘jumpy’ on the Kickr when the cable adjustment requires minor adjustments.

Paul, I have. That’s what’s bizarre. I’ll tinker with it some more and see if I can figure it out. If not, I’ll record it and post it on a couple other forums. Thanks for helping. 

I had this issue on my Neo.  It was because I put a new cassette on the Neo and they wear rate between the chain and the new cassette was just enough to upset it.  Put the cassette on from the wheel and its all fine.  I put the new cassette on the wheel and thats bedding in now as well.

Mind you I can’t complain, that chains has 2000km on it!


Thanks for the feedback, Steve. I may just have to do that. It was one of the last things I wanted to do, but it may be necessary.