Does steering work in trial accounts

I bought a pair of zwift play controllers and wanted to try them out. The problem is I never see the “steering” option on the pair screen. I think it may be because my account is paused for the summer, but you should still get 25km to use a month for free. I only see “Power Source” and “Speed sensor” options on the pair screen. Does steering work on trial/paused accounts (HR for that matter)? I want to try the controllers but I don’t want to pay $16 just to try it once. Updating the controller firmware through the companion app works just fine, and I have the latest Windows 11 zwift build, but I never get any opportunity to try to pair the in the zwift app. Thanks

Steering and HR usually first shows when you have a power source paired, after pairing the option to pair a steering device and HRM will show up.


Steering is not disabled for trial accounts so you should have the option.

Can you screenshot the pairing screen so we can see what you are seeing.

Have you actually paired the power source?

you only initially see those options then once you pair one of them you get all the other pairing options.

Ugh, that’s it. I hadn’t paired the trainer cuz it’s buried in the garage for the summer. I didn’t want to dig it out, I just wanted to see if the controllers worked. I’ll pair a speed sensor to get it up and running so I can check out the steering. Thanks for the help.

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