Does anyone know it’s possible to update my old MacBook Pro?

I am running my Zwift on my old MacBook Pro and today I’ve had the notice that I need to upgrade but my MacBook is not offering any further upgrade from what I can see. Am I going to have to say goodbye to Zwift? :disappointed_relieved:

I’m afraid yes, OS X 10.12 is only supported on the Mid 2010 MacBook Pro or newer. An Apple TV is probably the cheapest and easiest way forward if you want to keep using Zwift.

That probably won’t work with my bike as I’m currently running it through a data bridge to get it to talk to Zwift. Thank you for your response though

What sort of data bridge? I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone talk about this method of connecting before.

It works via two Ant dongles which go into my MacBook Pro and I’ve had to download some software to enable my Proform Tour de France bike to talk to Zwift. I’ve been using it for a few months now and been very happy until today