Does anyone answer the phone or respond to email

New user …Completed my free trial and joined …Expecting my account to activate when the trial ended …Nope …
On my account page …A " pending " status is displayed… Checked to see if an issue with my bank …nope ,Changed the payment method …no change

No one answers the phone nor do they seem to respond to voice mails or emails …Any idea how to get some action on this
Very frustrated …
Thanks for any help

What have you tried so far in getting Zwift up and running (besides trying to contact support).

Hi …Had it up and running fine with the free trial .Decided to join with 1 km left in the trial …All Seemed fine …Card went through etc …Expected to pick up with my subscription as the notes indicate. That didn’t happen . My membership status shows as “pending” and has for 4 days
What i have done :
1.Checked my bank to be sure that the card is not held …It isn’t
2.Changed my payment method. Same result
3. Deleted and re loaded Zwift on my computer …signed in again ame result

Sent an email , a call a support ticket .Crickets Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated and thank you

Follow theses steps when uninstalling and re-installing Zwift:

Thanks …do you think that will make a difference ? It would seem that the issue is with the Zwift payment processing function …

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I completed the uninstall using the crontol function …It says is has been un installed… Not sure how to check if the specific files mentioned int he article have been deleted however ? Thoughts?


  1. Uninstall Zwift through the Control Panel.
  2. Delete these folders:
  • Program Files (x86)\Zwift
  • Downloads\Zwift
  • Documents\Zwift

Hi yes i performed all of those functions and am now downloading it again

Unfortunately as i expected after the new download etc …I received the message that my free trial had expired and was asked to join .Clicked that button and was taken to the same membership screen where my membership still shows as pending…Four days later

I would really liket oget this addressed …Is there any way that you can get someone at Zwift to respond ? Unless of course there is another option to try ? Really do appreciate the assistance

Maybe I can get @Shuji_Sakai to take a look at your account.

That would be huge …Again very much appreciated …I am a 64 year old rider…Pretty good on the road but a babe in the woods from a tech perspective

hi @paul_murphy1
For privacy reasons, we handle questions related to your account payments via email.

FYI - our email support queue works first in first out. So we ask that you be patient and allow my colleagues to get to your ticket. If you hammer them with more emails before they respond, you get moved back to the end of the line.

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Its not a function of waiting …I am happy to do that … My issue has been dealt with …

The fact that no one answers the phone is a big problem. There is no way that you had any idea what my issue was since no one answered the phone ! Thus your comment regarding accounts payments is incorrect

Consider a simple response email telling your customers exactly what you told me …Would make life alot easier for all involved.

FYI For a consumer based organization to offer no support on weekends or before 10 PST s also in my humble opinion sub standard