Does a race start at the starting gate or end of lead-in?

Casse-Pattes has a lead-in of 0.9 km (0.6 miles). When I raced this course yesterday at 20:30, it seemed that the on-screen timer didn’t start until the end of the lead-in (but certainly not out of the starting gate).

What I’m trying to determine is this – If the race doesn’t actually start until the end of the lead-in and if there is no drafting (TT race), then wouldn’t it be reasonable to just put out moderate power (conserve effort) until the end of the lead-in rather than going full-bore from the starting gate?

Possibly related – The Zwift Companion shows my individual time as 46:39 whereas the race results (showing all finishing times for the D category) shows my time as 47:02 (the same as Zwiftpower).

Don C.

The race start when the you cross the start line out of the Pen.

The race starts when it starts, if you don’t go hard you get dropped. The screen timer only starts however when you cross a line in the road that’s a little way out of the pens, in some worlds there’s a faint white line at this point but I haven’t seen this everywhere. It may take 15s or so out of the pen to reach this point, so indicated time will differ from actual racing time.

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