Zwift Running Festival - Lead time?

Today, I did the Zwift Running Festival for the first time (Cat B - 5K). Trying to figure out a couple of things:

  1. After the countdown at the gate, we started running, but for the first 1:16 the timer and distance did not accumulate (stayed at 0). I assume this is a “lead in”? It didn’t say lead in like it does for cycling events though, so it kind of threw me off. I started my Garmin watch right at the starting gate it shows the extra 1:16 on the total time, whereas the Strava activity that got uploaded directly from Zwift shows the time minus the lead in. So I assume the actual 5K race didn’t start until that lead-in time was over, but it didn’t show a gate or anything, so it seems kind of silly.

  2. In the race results in the Companion app, there is a discrepancy between what it shows my race time to be in the activity itself versus the leaderboard. Specifically, my actual 5K race time was 24:45 (8:00/mi) but in the “race results”, it shows 26:02 (8:22/mi). I was running at a constant pace right out of the gate, so it doesn’t make any sense that my race result time would be slower.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about. Notice how it shows the activity with a distance of 3.12mi at 24:45 and 8:00/mi. But under the “Race Results”, it shows my time at 26:02 and pace at 8:22/mi. Can someone explain this to me?

It’s an anomaly whereby the distance from starting gate until the route starts is added into the time. This makes it appear you are slower than you were. Between Zwiftpower, Zwift and Strava the calculations differ.

I believe its on the agenda to be fixed.


Thank you, I figured it was some kind of anomaly, but I was definitely scratching my head trying to figure it out.

Same thing happened to me on the Zwift festival 5k. Really frustrating.

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