Remove or enforce lead-in feature for races

(Justin Wid) #1

Lead-ins are currently pointless for races!

The race always starts from the drop of the flag, so why not acknowledge and either;

  • have a lead-in and enforce some form of limit (watts, w/kg, speed…) until the race actually starts
  • remove the pretence of a lead-in and race from the start

Furthermore most race event guides don’t even mention the lead-in distance, distorting true race distance and time allocation.

(Steve) #2

It’s a race from the start. Has been at least since Zwift first published the version that provided in-game support for race. Before that, races might have a neutralized start announced by the organizer.

The lead-in now is the portion of the course from the start pen/location to the first lap marker, isn’t it?

(Adam) #3

By the way, could be a great idea to implement the already tested “social events fence” in the lead-in rides. It could change the whole feeling of the rides with lead-in.

(Z Kryder) #4

A few races have had a “roll-out” or rolling start. I think you are mixing the two terms in this discussion. A lead-in is the distance to the actual lap(s) as the course dictates.For example, in London there are 4 or 5 km from the starting pen until you reach the start/finish line of the Classique course.Whether, 3 or 8 laps, the lead-in is always the same and always the actual race. Rolling start races are rare, but they most likely will feature the fence. Formerly, the race leader would just DQ any riders that started racing before the rolling start was over and the race was called ‘on’. it will be up to the race organizers (like KISS) to implement that. You might want to request such a race on FB’s “zwift racers” group.

(Justin Wid) #5

Ahhha…I think you have set me straight! I never actually correlated the 2… just made the ‘assumption’ that the race was supposed to start at the lap counter. Thanks! Psychologically being on a ‘lead-in’ and still racing hurts :slight_smile:

Request withdrawn!