Unpublished lead-ins

Hi all,

I’ve been using Zwift for a few months now and am generally loving the experience, so many great things about it - but… the lead-ins! Please, can the lead-ins be published in the event listing?

I had to abandon a time trial halfway through earlier this week, having run out of time due to a lead-in lasting about 20 minutes that I was unaware of before the event started. And I know plenty of others have had similar experiences.

I imagine most of us probably have enough time to warm-up before the event, so ideally I’d like to see the lead-ins vanish altogether (after all, this is a cyber world where anything’s possible, so why can’t we start at the top of the Highline instead of having to ride up there first?).

But if this isn’t an option, please, please can the lead-ins at least be published in the events guide. Then at least we’ll all know where we are.

Thanks. And Merry Christmas!


I second this !
Either NO lead-ins, or pre publish them.
No lead-ins would be preferred, because during the lead-in people already start fighting for positioning, which can leave you out in he cold (I mean without a group, so no drafting)

Lead-ins are misleading!


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It looks like Zwift sponsored events like Tour of London clearly now have lead in distance identified. But in events set up by others, it bet it is there responsibility to do this. I have been on a couple group rides where the leader was unsure about the lead in etc…

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Does the race start at the leadin or at the start os Lap 1?
On the rides that I have been on, that had a lead in, it appeared the race/ride was on from the start.
No riding along nice and easy to the start.
It was all out go or get dropped.

Usually races start from the gun, no lead ins, even if “lead in” displayed on your screen. Sometimes it described in race description section.