Bike TT/race and the lead in

How does the lead in factor into the TT results? Is that extra 2-3 minutes counted? I assume that it does

The lead-in is also part of the race, the race start in the pen. The lead-in is just to get you to the multiple lap portion of the race. the word lead-in is a bit misleading but “the road that take you to the loop” seem a bit long. :rofl:

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Hey. I’m due to do the TT later today 18:00. How long is the time trial?

This one ZA Tri 2020 TT Race?

Look like 22.3km

There should be a shot lead-in (the lead-it is part of the race, so go flat out from the gun)

Oh god that’s going to hurt
I’m applying for the selection process. I have this and 3 of the runs left THIS WEEK!

It is a toughie for sure. I tried the break 30 but it just wasnt in the cards yesterday. I also made the stupid mistake of holding back a wee bit in the lead in. You live, you learn I guess. Anyway, Good luck!

Thanks chris
I managed top 6 ( ?) overall in men and women just now in the 18:00 session. Got a reasonable time (sub 33’)!

Natalie Lawrence (nee Barnard)


I’m a total novice to data and results etc. I just do it !! Is this a decent result for the TT.

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Im like you and have no idea what is considered good especially since these races are spread out and there are so many of them, but I would guess yours is definitely a competitive time based on your watts/kg. I think for men you’d have to go sub 30 to be competitive and be considered for the short list. I wish there was a way in Zwift power to have a leaderboard of all the legit times over all the races so that you could see where you stood. Now you got me thinking about the run too and what’s considered fast there. Sub 33?

Yeah. Must be sub 33!?
I’d LOVE to be selected or whittled down for the next round

I have the 5km and one more run to smash out Saturday and Sunday before then I ease right off the gas pedal

Natalie Lawrence