Do Work Out's one after the other

When done with one WO I would be able to choose another one without having to restart Zwift.

At the same screen be abel to change selected route.

You can select another WO, but as of right now you cannot select another route.

When going to Pair screen I know you can change from ride to run.
When running avatar is on screen the ride is saved.
You should then be able just to change back to ride and get a separate zwift activity.

Maybe the same thing can be done and then press E for workout selector. Hmmm, should give me two seperat workouts, must try this…   

Just been over to my Pain Cave to have a close look at this whilst not suffering from hypoxia (!) - as far as I can see there is no way to do a ride, end it, save it (inc. upload to Strave etc.) and then continue with another ride without closing down the Zwift application. The request is for Zwift to behave like a Garmin etc. - that is to be able to end a ride at any time, save/upload it & then continue riding, recording a new ride (be that a Workout, event, or just riding around) without having to re-start the whole Zwift application & log back in (which as we know can take some time).


This is just common sense, come on Zwift, get it done.

Agree basic functionality.  Please do ASAP.