Do I watch the Zwift app or Zwift Companion?

Sorry folks,newbie question. I have Zwift working and I watch it during a ride. I also have Companion.

Do people have things set up to watch the ride in Companion in real time, or is it just to use to find events and store friends and data etc?

i.e. in my iPhone do I watch Companion while pedalling, will it show me the route I am riding, my power etc in real time?


Hi there. The Companion serves a number of functions and the following isn’t absolutely everything, but basically when you’re not logged into the game proper it allows you to find events, other Zwifters, view your previous activities and so on. When you’re logged in and it’s paired to the game (which requires it to be on the same network as whatever device you’re running the actual game on; PC, tablet, Apple TV etc) it then becomes like a head unit, on which you can view your live stats, position on the map and workout intervals etc. You can still do the offline stuff too. As its name suggests, it’s a companion to the main game, you cannot run both at the same time on the same device.

thanks, so if I run the Zwift app on my ipad and Companion on my phone, I can watch my ride etc in Companion,is that right?

No Not the rider itself as in the vIrtual view of your avatar . Only the data and some other information about the ride. You have to be running the zwift app itself to do that.

I suggest you start a ride on your ipad , and then the companion on your phone and play with the options to see what works/doesnt work for you .

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