Display problems after AppleTV update

After updating AppleTv 4K to the latest version I have problems with displaying the App un fullsize on my monitor.

Any ideas?

Hey Stefan, can you try messing around with your resolution settings? https://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/974310

There’s also a fix in the works for this issue popping up.

Tried everthing with no result. Please fix it urgently.

Good morning. I still dont get it. Enclosed some screenshots so you see which version AppleTv is installed. Also the Zwift App Version. The App doesnt offer me an update to a newer version.

Also the App behaviour. The start screen is in fullsize an then the next screen switches to the smaller size.

Hope you can help.

Best regards,


Just wanted to pop this one back up the stack - It’s really annoying and it seems there is no workaround - IT really is boring squinting into the little picture in the corner.