Disappearing riders on Volcano KOM

Since the new update, there appears to be a location based bug on the Volcano KOM where all riders disappear at different points on the Volcano KOM climb. This has been verified across multiple users that it is not caused by a local issue/network dropout and occurs at the exact same spot on the course. It also appears that when the riders disappear, their shadows, overhead name tags and ‘riders near’ name tags all still appear, just not the riders avatar.

See videos here of Fusion ECT race of 5th August:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHi3FKifiiw&feature=youtu.be&t=3585 (see 59:45 onwards)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/463433228 (see 48:00 onwards)
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/463432031 (see 35:15 onwards)

My group had the same issue on Tuesday. I was seen as being invisible but bike visible.received_2514015795498306

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Yes! Same thing happened to me!

It looks like the riders disappeared and reappeared in roughtly the same sections too. I distinctly remember losing the other riders upon entering and exiting the tunnel that’s about 2/3 of the way up the volcano. I’m using a PC with a 750ti card.

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Nice post, glad I can finally rule out a set-up error at my end. As a volcano regular I’d say its been happening for the last 3 weeks since early August. Last night I had two jerseys going into the KOM and was ready to empty the legs for a third, but the KOM table had no other times posted from the beginning of the segment (other than my previous efforts).

Other riders disappear visually around the exit from the mid point cave, along with features around the road, yet their name tags remain.

Suggest adding to tag or title, “No KOM Data”.

I wonder if this bug has not been fixed yet.

We came across the same bug, but it appeared on EPIC KOM REVERSE.
We took part in “Team ZWC Hill Climb Battle” on 2 Sep 2019.

Here is a video!
Please have a look at it (see from 20:10 to 20:50)!

I was on the Volcano KOM today during the Man Ride and had this experience. What I noted was that the other riders disappeared at points where there was another section of road directly above or below the section where the riders disappeared. This ride had 600+ riders, so I’m guessing it has something to do with either the number of riders Zwift can render in a specific space, or the processing power of my Apple TV. Whatever the case, it was a bit annoying and seems like something that needs to be corrected if Zwift wants to keep increasing the number of riders using their product.

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I had the same, usually the name labels would stay so I figured it wasn’t a connection issue. At the same time the fire/smoke from around the volcano disappeared.

Doing the ride for Mens mental health, and as I came out of the tunnel everyone disappeared and I was alone… I thought it was a terrible metaphor :scream::upside_down_face:

I was also on the Man Ride on 06-Oct.
From the in game messaging, it was clear that this was a widespread issue and not a user connectivity/bandwidth issue.

This is still happening every ride.
If a ride does the volcano climb everyone loses visual of everyone else, typically at the exit of the tunnel, and then everyone magically reappears.
We discussed it on last Thursday’s Slowtwitch Indoors Hilly Vanilli Chase and it seemed to happen to all riders.