No km showing and invisable to others

hi started the Herd Endurance ride started out the pen ok with all able to see me but registering no KM but registering speed and metres climbing, finished ride early as I was Red Beacon and people couldn’t see me even though I could see them, all the others could see was my Group text I have seen this happen to others always seems to be out the dessert pens

@Dave.T fyi, the Volcano seems to have similar symptons (riders avatars disappear, but rider list stays, people drop in and out randomly, and comes right once back down mountain). Not quite the same, but a thread was started a few days ago so thought I would mention as its similar (and has happened to me the 3 times I have been up it since latest update).

edit: couple of other related threads below

The volcano kom bug Is different that starts as you exit the volcano on the second loop .we had that on the thundering turtles last week . I know 3 people who had my symptoms all started on leaving the dessert pens with no distance recorded but elevation and speed read ok
I could see and chat to everyone but they couldn’t see me but chat . This carried on all the way out the dessert through titan grove over the kom and up the volcano kom by that time I had had enough . Left and wasn’t credited for.the ride .

Yep, thats why i said it wasnt the same but similar