Disabling Cadence and "Spin Faster!"

I’ve seen a few posts about disabling the cadcence readings, like this rage post:

I guess there are a few reasons, mine is that the bike geometry makes the cadence value useless although the Wahoo sensor includes both.

It used to be, prior Zwift versions, I could disconnect the cadence while leaving the RPM/Power pairing, and Zwift would remember that for the next session.

With the newer game versions, it seems I have to disconnect the cadence each time. Not a huge deal, but anyway… This is so that the “Spin Faster!” can be replaced instead with the more useful to me “More Power!” messages.

The solution, on Windows at least, was to edit the prefs.xml file and change the number in the
line to something else. I used “3”.

This makes Zwift ignore the cadence sensor that’s part of the Wahoo unit and not pair with it for the next sessions.

This in turn seems to make the “Spin!” messages be replaced with “Power!” ones.

I do wish Zwift would automatically move past the pairing screen like it used to. Not sure why it doesn’t do that anymore. Maybe the timer for that is longer than my patience.

Send your idea to ZwiftHacks and maybe Jesper will incorporate it into ZwiftPrefs.