Disable cloud sync option

I create workouts for a friend of mine and the new cloud sync feature makes it difficult to quickly remove old workouts and add new ones like we did in the past.

Workflow for us used to be as such:

  • Open zwift workouts directory
  • select all and delete
  • Copy new workouts from shared dropbox folder
  • paste new workouts into zwft workout directory

I create the workouts by hand in xml as I find it much faster to edit in code than using the workout editor. with the new cloud sync feature the deleted files get re-added. The new files don’t always show up after being added to the folder either. This makes for a very busy workouts list and deleting them one by one is very tedious.

If there was a better bulk upload, bulk delete feature or a feature to simply disable cloud sync then that would be best. Thank you!

I also have an issue with cloud sync, how can we disable it?

I am having issues with cloud sync overwriting changes to my workout files made manually from my workouts folder. this would be a great change that would allow me to make my updates as well as share workouts with athletes im working with. This needs to be a feature, or we need a feature to assign a priority folder location that always takes priority over data in the cloud.