New Workout Name Overwritten by CloudSync File

I create workouts for my athletes each year. Not all workouts change, so I rename them with the new year: 2019_Week2_FTP becomes 2020_Week2_FTP, for example.

But when the athletes upload them into their Zwift Workout folder, the name reverts to 2019_Week2_FTP. The new workouts are named properly, and upon checking, the XML file name is correct in a Text Editor.

So how can I make sure the workout gets the right name? Do I need to “edit” the workouts by adding a minute or two in the warm up (for example) so that CloudSync won’t match the file and retain the old name?

Or am I missing something simple here?

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~ Patrick

I’m having this same issue, I have edited a couple workouts, renamed a couple and launching zwift seems to overwrite everything with what is on the could not the newer file on my computer that should take priority. it is also creating issues with athletes I am sending workout files to. if there is a fix for this I am eager to know.

@Troy_Rutherford and @P_Mac_EXN_ODZ
Are these .FIT files or .XML files?
What program are you using to create these files?
If these are FIT files, is it possible that the time stamp on the original file was copied as-is to the cloned file, and that’s overriding what you want to do?

You may want to manipulate a copy of the file using and see if this clears up. This is a third party service, so this is not an endorsement.

Not .fit files, I have .zwo workout files that I prefere to create/edit using text editor, however when you update them and then launch zwift they seem to get overwritten with the previous versions from the cloud.

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It looks like this is an issue that has existed since the cloud was rolled out to allow workouts to be available regardless of platform, i can see a handful of reports of issues with no evidence of anything having been done to address this issue. I have a support request in, if I get anywhere I will post an update.

Any update on this? New .zwo workout files still being replaced by cloud-based previous names.