DIRT Family Values Ride Wrong Course/Rider Split

I’m adding this topic bc I’ve sent 3 emails and received 0 response. For 3 weeks our ride has 1. Been on the wrong course, not the course listed on Zwift and Companion App. 2. Our riders have split coming out of the pens causing riders who didn’t turn with the beacon to have to quit the ride and rejoin. I lead this ride and we usually have 250-300 riders. I would like to have some support to be able to fix this for my riders.

I second this request for support. I was on the ride last week and while it was still fun to see the half of the group who was lucky to go the right way, it was a bummer to miss out on the social aspect of it.

To repeat the issue described above:
I joined this ride last week. The beacon and roughly half the group were auto navigated one way. I and the other half of the group got sent another.

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Thanks for your support @Michael_Fulton! We have changed the course for this week and I hope we won’t have any issues. The problem still needs to be addressed by Zwift to help other Events avoid this issue.

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