Group ride splitting at the start and riders going opposite directions

For the last three weeks the DIRT Family Values ride (for me is at Wednesday 7.30am AEST) has had the same issue. As soon as the group leaves the starting pen the group splits. The yellow and red beacons go one way with a large group of riders and the remaining riders go the other way. Riders who are not with the yellow beacon can quit and late join and usually end up in the yellow beacon group. Very frustrating for all and it costs some riders a good chunk of time to rejoin.

I believe the ride organisers have contacted Zwift several times attempting to resolve this, but the issue persists. Could someone please assist? Additionally, it looks like the route may be incorrect as well. The ride schedule says Volcano Flat (as it has the previous 3 weeks) but we always end up on Sand and Sequoias.

C’mon Zwift. This is hurting a fantastic ride!