Direct Apple watch connection with Apple TV (not via Companion app)?

I scanned the internet and this forum but don’t find the answer to my question… Hopefully someone can help?

I run Zwift on AppleTV (4k) with a Tacx Flux 2. I use my Apple watch (series 3) as an HR monitor. This is currently connected via the Companion App, and I’m experiencing the well known issue of an extremely unreliable connection.

The connection via Companion App is a legacy from my previous setup using Zwift on a laptop. With apple TV, I have a spare bluetooth connection and I should be able to connect the watch directly in Zwift (not via the companion app). However, when I try to pair it in Zwift, the Apple watch is not found. Is this because it needs to be somehow “unpaired” from Companion App, or is the direct connection in Zwift simply not supported with an Apple Watch?

Thanks in advance, Gavin.

Not a fix to my question in any way, but Santa brought me an Apple Watch SE (2022 model) which has now replaced the series 3. This seems to have fixed the connectivity issues with AppleTV and Zwift Companion; it’s working (quite) reliably now. I may have just jinxed that, of course…

Just be aware that Zwift no longer supports Apple Watch, so if you do hit problems then you’re on your own.