Companion App issues. Apple Watch, Apple TV


Relatively new user, been using Zwift for a month or so. In general I’m really enjoying it and it is definitely making a positive difference to my riding.

Setup is:

Apple TV 4k running latest Zwift
iPhone 12 running Companion App
Apple watch as HRM

I’ve been pairing my trainer and watch through the companion app, but this has been extremely unreliable. ERG randomly and suddenly drops watts and resistance before suddenly picking it up again, resistance changes not working in simulation mode or happening randomly etc, but does allow me to use watch as HRM.

Changed to connecting trainer direct to Apple TV, ERG rock solid, everything works beautifully, but can’t connect to watch.

So, a few questions:

  • Any idea why connecting via companion app so unreliable? I’ve tried with mobile data off etc.

  • Can Apple Watch be connected to Apple TV for HRM?



I have the same setup (with a different trainer).

I connect the apple TV to the trainer, as you said rock solid (much better than from my previous setup with a Mac, or through the companion).

Then you can connect the Watch through the companion app, not sure why it doesn’t work directly - but it’s still sort of buggy, it can drop a lot, and takes a few attempts to pair it.

Not ideal