Dinos & Big Wheels

I’ve been a Zwift rider for several years now & about to become a level 60…I’m all in about all things Zwift… except for the Tour of Watopia silly replacement Dinos on bikes & Big Wheels… makes a very good workout feel silly… those cartoon characters seem more appropriate for Aprils Fools Day or the equivalent around the world… otherwise I❤️Zwift…

i’m not a huge fan of them but they’re only for a short time and other people seem to like them so easy enough to ignore for a bit. kinda the best of both worlds i suppose.

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I understand why they do it but there are so many other parts that need sorting out before giving people costumes and bike changes in an event

These have been around for years. They are not new and have no bearing on software development/bug fixes.

It’s a bit like asking why I’ve created a new bike series rather than improving development functionality.


I have assumed that activating these now is more or less selecting a radio button or two.

For the whole ride yes. To have them turned on and off at a specific point is an xml config in a workout.


Gotcha, thanks. So still not a ton of work to do. (You’re not at your computer clicking a button for every rider when they cross the trigger line :slight_smile:)

Not like that poor data entry intern who has to type “Close the Gap” every time I get close to someone :smiley:


It’s a little light relief that’s makes me smile, but totally understand where your coming from.
I’ve never grown up, so wifey tells me and proud of it.
I run as well as ride using Zwift, and red awhile ago, A rider requested to not have runners on the same screen as he hates runners passing him on climes, (bikers also run) bit like skiers hate snowboarders on there piste!!!
It’s all about having fun, live and let live.
Ride on my friend