Positive Beta Feedback

I know sometimes beta feedback can be all about the negatives so wanted to share today’s experience:

I’ve been traveling for a couple of days and needed a ride. Booted the computer, threw on my kit, launched zwift, did a quick 25 minutes ride chasing J. Barger around a couple of laps (amazing how motivating another Human can be!), hopped off, saved to strava.

Everything was perfect. (ok…not exactly, my extension cord for my ant+ sensor was in the wrong place and I had to hop off and move it back closer…but that isn’t your fault!)

Great job guys.

Now if Only I could get that velodrome built on the small island due west of Jarvis Island :wink:

+1 to that - I’ve actually been jumping on for 15 minutes for fun from time to time (a turbo trainer? For fun?) and have even had my six year old kneeling on the floor by the bike turning the pedals by hand because he wants to race the robots… I think there is huge appeal for kids in this game too - I’m looking at setting up his 24" wheel bike on the trainer (need to figure out spacers and an 8 speed block - but hopefully there will be age group records for him to gun for one day…

+1 to this, I’m only new to the beta and the experience has been fantastic. I’ve only done a few 15-20mins sessions but having humans (or even bots) to race makes me want to jump on the trainer more than I ever have.

Great Job.

I agree, Zwift is great. The worst experience so far has been reading the haters comments on Facebook because they couldnt get in…:slight_smile:

in fact, it’s not only fun, i have found that my Av power for every Zwift island rides have been consistently higher (compared to my previous trainer workouts, albeit they are mostly intervals but some race simulations as well) in part due to the motivation of riding against real people, profile of the course, strava segment ranking etc. I’d like to believe that my overall cycling fitness must have benefited a great deal. Body weight is back to pre Christmas weight faster than planned. :slight_smile: Thanks ZWIFT.

Keep in mind…negative feedback is good feedback…as long as it is constructive and done the right way. I see some challenges but there is so much potential that if the zwift developers look at the positive and the negative feedback and build on it with both buckets of info, then the end product will do quite well. I for one hope it continues and look forward to seeing the end product in the next few months.

+1 an hour flew by today, lots of fun. But on rollers so it was hard to interact with the PC in any meaningful way! Looking forward modelling of more routes and terrains.

Responding to steering input might be interesting, even if just a “turn left / right” to join a different loop on the same model?

I’ll investigate cheap wireless mini keyboard and mount on the handlebars then I can use powerups. Perhaps even use a 2nd screen (phone on the bars) as the interaction point?

Zwift + HoloLens anyone?! I foresee needing a turbo as I almost banked and rode off the rollers today on one of the corners. Hardly the developers fault though!

There is so much potential here, love it.

Agreed, I’ve used Zwift a total of only two hours to date. They have easily been the most interesting two hours on a trainer, and easily motivated by the KOM jersey, going back and forth a couple times until I finally held on to it for several laps.

I really look forward to all the potential there is with this software…

Talking about motivation.
On my first lap today I got the dotted jersey, yessss. Now comes a new rider that beats me by about 4 seconds, dang. On my second lap I take it back by a second or two and I almost puked from the effort. I don’t care for the AI guys however, they don’t motivate me. That guy is probably still riding so he got the jersey back as I had to go to bed.