Difficulty setting a goal (Add a Target) on Apple TV [1.39.0][May 2023]

Since the latest release, there are three new issues I’m experiencing with Zwift Run (using a Zwift run pod on ATV 4th gen):

  1. The “Select a goal” button at the top of the HUD (where you can select time or distance goals) can no longer be accessed. Swiping up, left, right, down - nothing gets the cursor up to highlight and select the button to access the goal options.

  2. Bluetooth connectivity dropping out at a frequent rate (yes, full battery, on same network and all the other usual suggestions/checks). When I try and re=calibrate the run pod, it can’t even hold a bluetooth connection solid for 40 seconds.

  3. Speed is now wildly inaccurate when just days before it worked fine. Can’t recalibrate - see #2. above.

Same issues here with my Apple TV remote.

Mine does not even bind anymore on an android device after the update

Thank you for reporting these @Brian_Hunt_LetsRace, we’re tracking the pairing issues over on this thread.

As for the AppleTV remote issue, I will flag this up for a fix.

In the meantime, please use the Play/Pause button on the Apple Remote to Add a Target when in a running activity.