Difficulty choosing group D

When joining an event with multiple groups I find it incredibly difficult to select the group accurately. I’m using and IPad. Is there some trick I’m missing? The A B C D are too small and too close together to accurately touch. I select group D and even when selected it is almost impossible to see the highlight around the letter. I end up joining the ride and then leaving it when I am in the wrong group. There must be a better way that I’ve missed.



Yes there is a better way, download the Zwift Companion (ZC) app f_ormerly know as Zwift mobile Link (ZML)._

With that app you can go to the events section select your event read the instructions and choose the correct category.


Bet of luck.


I am using the Zwift mobile link on an Ipad and that is the one with issues. I checked and the Android one is much better for selecting the events. Unfortunately I am not using Android for my rides.

There are 2 apps for ipad the game and the ZC app and you have both?
Sorry im not much help when it get to apple products.
I thought the ZC app looked the same on android and apple.

iPad only has one app. The mobile link which has the tiny letters for group selection. Very poor.

I am certain that you can get it on the iPad: 

From the appel site: Compatibility Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad , and iPod touch.




Or you can download it on your phone.