Can’t get into the right group on Castilli ride

I have tried to get into the C group for both Stage 1 and 2, but was placed in A group both times. How do I choose C group specifically?

Are you selecting the C group when signing up for the ride Heather?

Are you using a tablet/phone/PC/Mac?

I am selecting C group days ahead but on the day of, I see the list of rides coming up in the right hand corner of my screen. It says that I am going and I don’t know if I am supposed to click on this or what, but I have been clicking on it, then when I hit “let’s go”, it shows that I am racing with the A group. So maybe by clicking, I reset it from being in C group to A? I can’t see how to choose C group when the ride is about to start when A, B, and C are all showing up as part of the same ride… I’m not given a choice of group to select at that time.

What is your viewing hardware Heather, the option to join categories is in different places on different hardware platforms.


So when you decide to sign up for a ride, you tap the event you’re interested in and then you scroll down to choose the category - is that right?


Are you signing up for the ride on the mobile link all on your phone? If not where do you find the list of events on the iPad? I’ve signed up for Giro stages twice now on the mobile link but I can’t figure out how to get into the ride.

Matt, I sign up using the mobile link, but I ride using the Zwift Inc app.  They are 2 different apps. My understanding is you can’t ride in the link app… but I have a very rudimentary understanding of how this works, so…


I’m wrong a lot, so forgive, but I think you just click on the “C” when you join. I clicked on “A” and I was signed up for my proper class.

I think the issue may be the iPad. When you click on an event on the iPad, it’s not possible to click on the a, b, c etc. like one could do with a mouse.

Matt, this is what I’m thinking as well…

I’m guessing the only way to get into a specific category on the iPad is to register in the mobile link app in advance, then a good 10-15 prior to ride start, start riding a “normal” ride in the game, and wait for the notification to pop up that your scheduled ride is starting. I’m going to try this next time I’m in zwift. Also, I think if you’re at all late for the ride, there’s no way to join it on the iPad. At least I couldn’t find one.

If you’ve signed up for a Cat C ride on ZML you should be in the C cat when you hit ‘lets go’ on the main Zwift app. The ZML and the main app are two separate programs.

I’m thinking you may be changing your category when you click anything other than ‘lets go’ prior to the race.

On the PC you get a ‘count-down’ so don’t have to do anything other than be logged in and riding.

If you are warming up on the normal ride option, Zwift will save your warmup (if the warmup is over the minimum ride length.) and then move you over to the start ramp with your avatar sitting on the virtual trainer ready to go.