Unable to join Tour de Zwift if event filter is set to group D:

Tour de Zwift groups (A, B, C) should not be the same as other race/group ride groups (also A, B, etc.) as they are two different metrics. Tour de Zwift groups are distance-based while normal groups are Watt/Kg.

This causes problems when riders like me filter our event list in the program or Companion App. I’m a D-level rider, and if I have the filter set to D and E, I am unable to join TdZ events from within the program, and the events don’t show up at all on the Companion App.

Here’s how it plays out:

  1. get up early for 5am ride, spindown Wahoo
  2. launch Zwift
  3. see TdZ in the event list (but not notice there are no group letters)
  4. click the TdZ event, see event change to “Join?”
  5. wonder why it doesn’t say “going”
  6. enter the game, quit, restart multiple times hoping to fix it
  7. try not to wake the rest of the house by swearing at designers who use the same variables for different units (distance versus W/Kg)

Hi Ed,

Don’t get all of your post but what I know is not all races/rides use the letters A,B,C,D and E as w/kg. Those are there to show different groups.

Your filter in the Companion app should not make a difference if you get to join a race or not.

I would suggest using the companion app in advance to plan your ride for the next day.

If you use the filter in the companion app to filter for only D or E, Tour de Zwift rides don’t even display. Therefore, you can’t sign up in the App in that case

I’m on Android

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You are of course right that you cannot sign up in the Companion App if you are trying to find the event in the event list unless you remove the filter first.

You can still sign up directly in the game regardless what filter you have active in the Companion App. I have tested this - status does change to ‘Going’.

You can still sign up on the web

You can also sign up in the Companion App if you have followed a direct link to the event from e.g. a web page so the app opens directly on this event (this works at least for iOS but I don’t know about Android).

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(maybe it was a more common/widespread problem related to joining events that prevented the status to change to ‘Going’ - maybe it was slow because of a heavier load than usual or something like that)

I originally set the filter in the game, not the app. My selection carried through to the App. And I couldn’t join in the game with the filter (in game) set to D and E.

But what it really comes down to is, if the groups are inconsistent and mean different things for different events, then the filter is useless and can mislead the user.