Different RPM in zwift and companion app

Hi, on the ZA Road WO #4 - Anaerobic Resilience workshop I did yesterday, I noticed there is a different RPM displayed during warm up/resting sessions. While zwift on laptop displays @90 rpm, the companion app displays @105 rpm.

OSX 10.14.6
app version: 1.0.57620

Companion app:
Android 10.0.0 (Oxygen OS)
app version: 3.19.0 (1087)
Server version: 1.213.0

I had this as well on the WO 3, I’m wondering its because they haven’t updated ZC and are using old workouts with a different name.

I have the same issue. Windows version is asking me tot do 90rpm and at the same time the Companion app tells me to spin faster…