Discrepancy between cadence in zwift and companion app

When I am in zwift academy workouts, the companion app tells me to maintain 105 rpm, but zwift tells me to maintain 90. Is there a fix - and which one is right?


Mine is the same but only when I link my android phone (companion app) to apple tv. If i use iphone to Apple TV it works properly. Think its an issue with the android app not the iPhone

I see the same problem. The main app and companion app not giving the same instructions for cadence. Zwift on macOS, company app on Android.

Yes, exactly the same. In structured workouts the Zwift app on Windows is saying so many watts at 90rpm while the companion app on Android 3.21.0 says the same watts at 105 rpm. The companion app is clearly wrong as the suggested cadence never changes from this 105 rpm. Any response from Zwift??

Thanks for the confirmation. Nothing from Zwift…

I have a cadence issue too zwift tells me it’s in the low 60’s when my garmin pedal says mid 80’s any ideas

Are you using a Kinetic Control trainer? There’s a bug between that and Zwift that shows an artificially low cadence on Zwift, but normal cadence on their own app.

No, Elite Suito. Issue is with Zwift app & Zwift companion app not showing the same numbers.

My turbo is not smart I just use garmin vector 3 pedals
But thanks for your input