Companion RPM

Hi All
I have an issue with the Academy workouts in that I get different instructions for the workout on Companion to the main screen.
I have the app running on an Android phone on my bars and Zwift running on my laptop. An example: The main screen will specify 105 rpm for a section of the workout and the Companion app will specify 90 rpm.
I appreciate it isn’t a major issue but I’d be very upset if I didn’t the pro contract because of a ruling that I hadn’t completed a workout correctly.

I also have the same issue - the companion app is constantly telling me my RPM is too low, because it’s displaying a +15RPM goal compared to my PC screen.

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Same issue here. Companion app is asking for higher cadence than the desktop app. The desktop app seems to be right.
Companion app on android version 3.19.0.
Zwift on macOS.