Difference between Companion and desktop app

Difference between Companion and desktop app

  • Differences in speed
  • In the Companion app 6:42@6:41/km (6:42 should be 0.40KM) etc.

See screenshot

Just to clarify (since I’m not familiar with running workouts and don’t often use the companion app) are these that “targets” for a running workout? And is this common to all running workouts, or just this particular one?

These are the targets => distance@speed
In the companion app this is never displayed correctly, see added screenshot.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: I don’t see anything in “known issues” so this might need Zwift support to chime in. One thing you could potentially try in the meantime is a full companion app uninstall and resinstall in case this issue is specific to you/your current install - I’m just surprised no-one has logged this bug before if its universal, its a pretty noticeable one

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