Different app versions per user

My husband and I use the same Tacx Neo 2 running off the same MacBook with a single install of Zwift. He has the latest upgrade with the new Dashboard layout and when I login I still have the old user interface.

He has no problems with Zwift however my cadence does not work properly and jumps all over the place. It records me doing 20 rpm when I am actually doing 100. There is no consistency because even if my cadence is steady it jumps all over the place.

It is so frustrating while he(husband) is very content with life. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Do you use different bikes? Unlike most trainers, the Tacx Neo has an actual cadence sensor, but it’s heavily reliant on your crank being the right length/position to reach the sensor properly. So I wonder if that’s the problem?

The Home screen is still being rolled out, and it’s on a per-user basis, not per-device.

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Hi, no we use the same bike with a dropper post.

It might still be that your wife’s feet are not long enough to properly trigger the cadence sensor on the Neo. I have heard of some people who have to attach a pencil or something extending from the back of their shoe to be sure to trigger it. Alternatively, if your setup allows, you might add an actual cadence sensor.


Hi Nigel thank you so much, it worked, I attached pieces of metal with cable ties to the pedals and it worked perfectly. Now I just need to wait for the upgrade so we are both on the same layout.

Thank you for your help

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