difference between a Lemond with wattbox vs Wahoo Kickr and similar

Hi im just trying to understand the difference in riding experience using something like a Lemond Revolution with Wattbox (that I currently have) vs something like the Wahoo Kickr. From my understanding, the smart trainers like the Wahoo will communicate two way with Zwift whereas my Lemond will only send info to Zwift.

Does that mean my training isn’t being influenced by the terrain but if a friend is riding a Elite Realturbo Muin for example, they will find the power trainer automatically increases resistance on climbs?


Well a “smart” trainer will adjust resistance accordingly.


For example you will still feel subtle resistance on a flat.  But when your climbing the resistance will be greater.  When your going downhill the resistance will be turned off.


The lemond revolution will only send power data to zwift.


I have a kickr, its a unique experience.