Using Kickr / Trainer road to control power + Leaderboards

(Robert Bennett 🚀) #1

Hey there,

The other day I was on Zwift and decided to run the wahoo app like i do in Bkools Velodrome. It got me wondering if there would be any built in protection to stop people fudging leader boards by controlling the watts using the app. 


I felt kinda bad getting top spots being that the wattage was locked, that’s why I am just wondering in future if there will be anyway the game can actually detect this? It seems kinda crappy that I can whack my trainer to whatever wattage I am comfortable at and maintain a solid w/kg for the duration as opposed to when I let Zwift take control and it’s all over the shop :smiley:

It’s great to be able to train this way in Zwift but I don’t think you should be able to get KOM’s, Sprint, lap Times while using it seems kinda like cheating even if you are suffering a lot…

(Jason K) #2

From what I understand, you’re setting a target wattage, but you’re still having to put out that effort, correct?

In that sense, it’s no different from using a power meter w/classic trainer. You’re just setting your ideal resistance for your target wattage/cadence but still putting out the effort. Your wattage readings are still accurate.

We’ll be adding our own training mode in the future, so you won’t need to use other software for workouts at that point. Stay tuned!

(Ken Meyer) #3

I can’t see any problem with that. Power equals power, no matter how it is set.

Admittedly, it is a bit easier to keep power constant when slopes change from positive to negative. The advantage if you use the Wahoo app is that I can do wonderfully precise intervals.

And to be honest: I really don’t care much about leader boards, my priority is to stick to my training plan and  achieving my exercise goals. I just want to get some boredom out of it.