Diamondback mission - anyone done it?

Does anyone know if the 40k and 112 mile missions need to be completed in one ride to complete mission? Says nothing in rules. Just making sure it’s not one of those take your time/progressive goals. I was planning on doing the 112 tomorrow and it’s far more motivating knowing I can’t stop.  


Hi Brad,

Each part of the mission must be done in one ride. So all 112mi in one ride and all 40k in another. In order to get all 6 entries, you will end up doing two, separate rides.


Hi Eric - awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!

What is the deadline for this mission? I searched the whole internet, but seems like I couldn’t find it.

Hi Dennis,

It’s in the Terms and Conditions when you select it, but it ends at 11:59pm UTC on October 31st, 2017.

I had similar questions and it’s taken me some time to find the answers - and only then in a discussion thread. It’s helpful to have all the details available somewhere on the website so we don’t have to start up Zwift just to check (and I imagine you’d rather we asked your web-server for information and not the game servers).

I have completed the 40k 3 days ago, than 112m (180.3k) in one go 2 days ago, yesterday i went back on it again, and i was asked if if i want to join the 112m mission.,so i rod yesterday yet another 80k , i was not really sure if i can now do it on 2 separated times to complete. and i wonder why the first ride wirer i competed it in go , wasn’t´t recognized.


Did you join the mission when you did the 112 miles? The ride needs to be done in one ride not 2 or more serperate rides.

yes, i did, and it counted all the miles down, and at the end, it saved it even, before i could end my ride. That why i was surprised, that i had to back on the mission yet again. Did the ride in one go, at the end i had 181km 5.58hrs 2259hm and 3297 cal on the clock

I agree with Ray’s comments and although not a huge deal,  it would be nice in the future to have all of the rules and details posted on the zwift web server. My process to find out if rides needed to be at once was, 1. zwift site search, 2. google search, 3. logged into game, as if i was going to ride,  4. zwift community search and finally 5. posted the question, here (it was answered within 15 minutes)

I did the 112 yesterday and it was a much better experience than last time with the PDL Full (100+ mile) mission. The progress bar was visible the entire time and I was stopped when complete (there was a finish, this time) I was then told that I had been entered into competition.


If that is the case and at the end of the ride there was a pop up stating you were entered into the drawing then you should submit a ticket: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

great, thanks for the help Paul, will check it straight away


Are the details for this mission posted anywhere on the Zwift website?  I started a thread about this last week and got a reply from Eric saying that it was in the works and would be available soon.  The thread was then marked as “Answered” even though it really wasn’t.

It seems that they would post the details for current missions in the section on the Community page with all of the previous missions.  However, it was not there as of this morning.

Are the mission details some place else?  Am I missing something?



Hi guys, I just did the 112 miles today and all went well but at the end it didn’t say that i have entered into the competition. It said… thanks for riding!!! What was that???

So, how do we find out who won the competition?  Can’t find any info about the Diamondback Mission.