Diamondback Andean Mission

I’m a new Zwifter with about a week in the virtual saddle so far.

I saw the Diamondback Mission yesterday and I’m excited to tackle it. However, I cannot find details other than the two distances listed in the mission entry at the home screen in the Zwift app. The only missions listed on the Community webpage are those that have expired.

Where can I find additional details about this mission (E.g. entry detail, prizes, etc)?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I want that bike!


Hi Brian,

Sorry for the wait. We’ve almost got that out. We’re working to make that available as soon as possible. For now the basic details of the mission are, as I was last told - you may complete the DiamondBack 40 km (25 mi) TT Mission to earn one entry and the DiamondBack 180km (112 mi) TT Mission to earn five entries. Participants may do both the 40 km and 180 km TT Missions separately for a total of six entries.

But again, we’ll do our best to get that made available as soon as we can. Best of luck, Brian!


Will it be a ‘keep’ item later? Or is it temp like the tricycle?

Can keep diamonback tt bike or temp in mission ?

How long will be mission be active?

Did the 25 miles and would like to go for the 112…


Hey Nick,

Any updates on posting the details for this mission?




I was going to start another thread - hopefully the peeps at zwift are still looking at this one…

Does anyone know if the 40k and 112 mile missions need to be completed in one ride for entry into competition? Says nothing in rules. I was planning on doing the 112 tomorrow and it’s far more motivating knowing I can’t stop!



edit. Just noticed that this is marked answered 

Why are the details 112 mi / 40 km? I read it as 112 minutes (not miles) and 40 km and thought I should both more than 112 minutes and 40 km in one go… How about just sticking to the metric system? (And ISO 8601 for dates while we are at it, Zwift users are an international audience so either you need to make sure all distances and dates are fully location specific or stick to international standards.)


The 112 miles is the biking distance during and Ironman and since it the Ironman World Championships this mount I think that is why they used that distance and the 40 k is the bike distance for an Olympic distance triathlon. Just so you know that the Diamondback bike is a triathlon bike so that is why they are using those distances.

Thanks for the info, Paul, indeed interesting, I was wondering if this bike was UCI compliant given the lack of seatstays;

Anyway, my point is that these distances are 180 km and 40 km, and not 112 miles and 40 km even if that’s the same. The reason being that Zwift is a single-shard server and then you need to stick to the metrics system and ISO 8601 for dates and a 24 hour clock for time. But mostly because one shouldn’t mix systems :).

Well, i’m just sitting here smiling about the fact that I just rode 112miles/180km, for 6 entries into a bike competition. I did enjoy riding my virtual Diamondback…it was red and felt virtually fast. I’d really like a real one.

I rode 40 km in (way) less than 112 minutes and expected 6 tickets! :slight_smile: Guess I’ll have to repeat this mission…

I rode for over 300 minutes for my 6 golden tickets :slight_smile: The things we do…

rode the 40k 3days ago, than the 112m 2 days ago, but as i went back on Zwift restored i was asked to join the 112m mission again. does anyone know, why it wasn’t´ recognized ?

I finished the 112miles challenge ( 180,2 km ) today , the finish page came on my screen , and after a few seconds I was back on my other bike  , so I finished my training with 180,5km . And saved everything on STRAVA etc…
But when I opened ZWIFT a few minutes ago , as ROB KRENN mentioned , they asked me to join the 112miles challenge AGAIN ???

And , I did not receive a  T shirt , but my friend  RIK VANTORRE  got his … 


Hi Mike!

sorry to hear that you experience the same problem, i had to send all my zwift logs to zwift support. Dave Sparks from zwift team was so kind and and helped me along. not sure what will be the outcome, but at least the zwift team will do everything to improve our situation.best to write to zwift support and tell them your experience. re t-shirt, didn’t`t even know you get one.

Hey Rob ! 

Thanks for the info , I hope they can help Us both !! 

My friend ( who trained with me today ) received a T shirt from the challenge , so I hope we do too .

Kind regards

I did the 180 as well. Have a screenshot with the confirmation that i completed the challenge but…no t-shirt? What’s that all about? Is that a virtual jersey? If so, i didn’t get that either. mostly, i’m curious as to when the winners will be announced :slight_smile: Keeping my fingers crossed!!

It would be nice to give a virtual bike for all those who took part.