Diamondback Andean Mission

Hi guys !

The T-Shirt my friend told me about , was the CENTURY shirt ( 160km or 100miles ) 
He didn’t finish that challenge before…
It would be awesome to get the DIAMONDBACK TTbike in the game… Maybe the guys can fix that for all the finishers of the challenge ?

Ride on everybody !!

Completing the 160km during the 180km ride, i earned that jersey as well. Re not being accepted in the draw, for 5 entries and asked afterwards to join the 112m mission yet again, the Zwift team is working on it, there is somewhere a bug within the files. All i had to do, was to send my log report to Zwift support.

until they sort the problems out, i´m still asked overtime i go on the bike to join the 112m mission again, but all i have to do, is to ignore it.

cheers rob

Is the bike unlock able after completing both challenges?


No. I do not see the bike in my inventory, after completing both parts of this mission.

I just did the 112 mi challenge last night, would be nice to get a real t-shirt out of the challenge since it took over 6 hours!!!

You want a $10/month service to send you a t-shirt that’d cost at least $10 after shipping because you rode your bike for 6 hours?

I think he ment the “zwift t-shirt for 100 mile ridden”



Is  there any list of participants with rank? :slight_smile:

Hey everybody,

how long will the diamondback mission available?


greatings from Germany

I think it ended October 31 st

have they announced the winner yet?

Not as far as I know, couldn’t find anything about it under rubric “mission “. We just have to wait and see and cross your fingers. Cheers Rob