Diamondback Mission Winner?

I’m re-posting these comments since the original thread got buried many pages down in the forum as a result of a moderator designating the thread as “answered” (which it wasn’t)…


The Diamondback mission concluded [over] a month ago.  The mission details and winner are still not posted on the Zwift Community page.  Tyler’s post [in the original thread from several weeks] ago claims that the winner would be released “soon”.  What is defined as “soon” in Zwift-world?

Perhaps I’m speaking only for myself, but I suspect that the rest of the Zwift community also gets pretty excited about events like this and would love to get as much info as possible prior, during and (soon) after the event.  Why not post the details for the mission on the Community page alongside the other completed missions on day one when the mission starts?  Only posting the info in-app seems like a huge opportunity missed to excite the community.  Also, why has nothing been posted in the past [six] weeks about the event, winner, etc?

Zwift seems to do a great job creating events.  Unfortunately, execution of the events and their ability to utilize the Community webpage and social media to excite users is lagging far behind.  Perhaps it’s time for Zwift to hire a social media guru to fill this very apparent need.

***rant over***

I feel when Zwift didn’t say anything about the winner for 5 weeks after the event, something must go wrong. Or at Zwift there are some problems or at Diamondback. I would suggest that there will be an announcement on what is going wrong soon. There are already multiple threads going on about this subject and I feel ignored by Zwift. I ride that 180km ride, which was quite a challenge for me, and I feel at least some sufficient reaction.

Same, I have been waiting for awhile to hear who won it…whats the deal?

Hi all,

We have the winner announced here.