device agent

(Robert Minnicks ZHR H) #1

I am on a new late 2014 iMac tied to my Computrainer. I am trying to get my Zwift fit files into T/P device agent , but every time I try it say I have an incompatible usb driver  FTDIU required for Computrainer and  this stops the whole process. 

(Greg Francis) #2

download the fit file and log diectly into Training Peaks and load the file that way, no need to use device agent

(Robert Minnicks ZHR H) #3

thanks I have done this and it works. I am an older guy so not to computer savage.  I am also having issue that because of the ftdu usb connection that device agent is ask me to disconnect. i am using a computrainner. early pro module like 1995 vintage. In device agent I have 2 choices to disable or remove . If i disable i have found i still need to reinstall drivers, so I am confuse between disable or remove usb device. have you or any one seen this before?