Details on sprint is wrong

Hi guys can you help on this, i got the green jersey yet the info is all wrong? heartbeat 57 bpm at high power? also no rpm too, i know i stopped pedaling after line to re- breathe, but surley this is all wrong? can you advise?

Double check that your sensors have good contacts and good batteries. See if you get the same readings with another reader, e.g. Garmin head unit. 

A few quick questions from our developers:

  • Were you specifically trying for the Sprint? Or did it just happen during normal riding?
  • Was the time you received actually accurate?
  • Or was the HRM just inaccurate?


yes  I was going for sprint? time was accurate I believe, I have used the same system since and all is ok just that incident when I was going for it? maybe I moved the heartbeat sensor as i was powering maybe?