Data weirdness

(Rob Broekhuis (A)) #1

I rode the Zwift TT just now, and was riding nice and steady pretty much throughout, as would be expected on a TT. Reviewing my ride data on Strava, I noticed a blip during about 15 seconds at a time fairly early in the ride. For the minutes before and after, my cadence (on a dumb trainer) was very steady, and there was nothing particularly interesting happening during that part of the ride (the right turn off the roundabout in Innsbruck). But during the 15 seconds, first my power dipped from the 340s into the 260s, and a few seconds later my heart rate started climbing from 167 to 181 bpm. 181bpm for me means working really hard, and I know I wasn’t. Shortly after these dips/spikes, the readings went back to their previous levels.
If those events were both related to the same device, I’d blame this on the device getting wonky for a while - but my HRM and power meter are separate (cadence comes from the power meter), so it looks like this is an oddity on the Zwift end. Has anyone seen something like this before?

(Vincent W.) #2

Sudden spikes or dips in readings are often attributed to slight connection hiccups from your devices, which can happen to two different devices at the same time since they’re most likely using the same protocol (ANT + or BLE). Since it returned back to normal it should be fine, but we can always check your log files if you send them to us via support conversation. :slight_smile:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Just moved this to the Support forum.