Heart rate keeps glitching

My Wattbike Heart Rate monitor works fine on the bike but keeps giving me inaccurate readings when I run. It starts out fine and then roughly 8 km in It starts throwing crazy numbers out and won’t go back to normal ( promise it’s not my actual heart rate Going mad) it changes from say 130 bpm to 210 bpm within seconds and then goes back and continues like this for the rest of the run. It’s only done this the last few months. Is it an update issue? Or should I not use a Wattbike HR monitor for running?

I got reading like that that too with my wahoo monitor, but it turned out to be a-fib. Don’t discount that its really your heart rate.

That said, I’ve had to keep track of my heart rate much more closely and there are a couple things I found that help:

  1. Rinse off the strap with cold water after every use.
  2. use gel under the sensors before you start your run.
  3. most importantly, wear a cotton shirt, not synthetic. The synthetic builds up a static charge that messes with the monitor.

Thanks for your advice Mike

I’ll definitely try those things. I have never rinsed the strap, have never used gel under the sensors and I think most of my running tops are synthetic.

I’ll try those things before investing in another HR Monitor. Strange that it only happens when running though. Not one issue when Cycling.