Desktop(windows)Crashes while opening

After login and a lot of re-installations,the desktop crashes without letting me go any further than the Ride button.

The app shuts down on its own.

My PC specs below:

What about the graphics card?

What version of Windows?

Are all the drivers up to date as well as the OS?


Hi Paul

above is the snapshot of the error

Windows version:7 enterprise

graphics card(snapshot)

Hope this helps.



Is the graphics card driver up to date? I believe this is the link to the latest driver:

Yes graphics card driver is up to date.

I’m new to Zwift, and just setting up a system.  But according to my research this graphic card will not run this program.  When getting a computer you need a gaming computer with a fast dedicated graphics card.  Zwift home site has suggested graphic cards.

Hi David,thank you. All i needed to do was update my graphics drivers and it was good to go. My problem has since been resolved after graphics drivers update.

Great!  I decided to order Apple TV.  It was only 179.00, and a lot cheaper than buying another computer.  Also see DC Rainmaker (Internet guy with great reviews and how to articles for athletic tech.), if you have any future problems.