ZWIFT crashing during ride

Reporting the 2th crash of the day during a ride.

In both crashes the problem wss the same as reported.

Zwift crash during a ride on a windows 10 fully functional updated PC.
No other apps where running at the same time as zwift (no others than all the windows background running software).

Before the zwift app crash all sensors had a time out (stopped working) with the laptop Bluetooth receiver still on.

Also, every time zwift restarts without a windows restart, Garmin Hr Bluetooth sensor has connectivity issues. I i restart the laptop those issues do not occur.

What type of graphics are you running? If it’s integrated Intel graphics then unfortunately this is almost certainly the long-running issue that Zwift are supposed to be working on.

I have had a similar problem for the last few days ever since the most recent Zwift update. Zwift opens and runs for about 5-10 minutes then computer reboots itself. Doesn’t seem to happen with other programs running on the computer.

Computer is a 2011 27” iMac with 8 GB RAM, running OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra (latest OS for the model)

Not sure what is going on here.

As Steve mentioned above does your iMac have a discrete GPU in it or is it integrated graphics? Plus that’s a 10 year old machine now and may not have the computing power to handle the current version of Zwift.

Yes it is integrated, but its the first time it happened since i run zwift on the laptop (I’m zwifting since last November).

Re; graphics, info says
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6770M or Radeon HD 6970M

Computer is certainly old but I was running Zwift ok on it when I joined Zwift a year ago. I would understand if Zwift won’t run at all but it does but it seems to be a random period of time when it automatically reboots. I tried continuously running other programs on it to see if they would cause the same behaviour but so far they haven’t.

I really only use it because it has a nice 27”screen and there is no way to use it as a display for another device (I’ve tried).