Delusional riders

Over the years in zwift ive dipped in and out of the racing scene.
Im back in at the minute but dont know how long i can put up with either the delusional riders/ watt monsters /the riders who just have poor set ups and are non the wiser and the ones who are beyond help who just bomb around achieving unrealistic watts and basically dont give a toss .
Ive been here before so as it is with Zwift racing nothing has changed in the 3 years and some 289 races later.
Typical race just now in the C cat 20 riders but only 5 in the zpower results .
Some seriously deluded people out there and they ride amongst us .
And so it goes on and on .Watt monsters bombing around zwift high fiving each other .
Still Zwift do nothing ??

Have you been following this thread:

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Change is coming in about 10 days

Nno but ill take a looky see

Had a sift through some of the posts very interesting .i remember getting replys from zwift years ago advising something was coming but i suspect they can do something but they do not want to alienate other subscribers who enjoy the free for nature of bombing around Zwift munching massive watts .
They ride amongst us !!

I watched one today go through the jungle and then up Alpe du Zwift with exactly 3.8w/kg and 280w with 90rpm. This didn’t change for the entire hour I watched.

Then as he went through the ADZ banner, he zoomed around the loop road with 280w precisely then as he hit the descent went instantly back to 255w with exact same 90rpm.

Checking his other rides, all similar. :roll_eyes:

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I’ll happily pass details on to the team if you want to share the profile with me privately.

I’ve reported people in the past (prior to working here) that have had action taken.