Massive jump in FTP - 100w and Category moves #RandomDay

Newbie Zwifter and loving the platform, yesterday was a weird one and kinda killed the spirit. Had a nice start in TDZ stage 7 (amended) and got in the 2nd pack and held on for dear life. we all got dragged into the lead pack after 5 mins and some good high watts 280-300 being put out. seemed high at the time

anyway a mid pack Cat C performer finishes 5th and hits 360watts FTP #Unlikely and straight to Cat A, anyway to delete this race and get back to building properly as obviously not legit figures.

Cheers in advance, Love to be kicking out 360watts maybe sometime in the future but 250W on the road in a 10k TT was my best even when training hard.

Ride on and be kind :+1:

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Assume you mean Stage 7?

Are you sure you didn’t dream this lol. TDZ stage 8 starts on Friday in Scotland. What weight was the cat C you can’t only go by watt output.

I’m not sure you will get your power numbers reset directly through this forum. However link below to a previous case might help.

What trainer are you using?

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Cheers Ian - Elite ZUMO nothing fancy but it’s been fairly solid other than yesterday’s ride.

I’ll have a go at deleting the ride see if it reset back to CAT C

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That will have no effect on your category. Only Zwift can delete it.

Sorry Paul I meant emailing them to delete the ride etc :+1:

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So, did you change anything with your setup after the ride? If not you might find yourself putting out those same watts again, so it’s probably not the right thing to shift category back down until you find out why your setup is so far off and make a correction (either it was miscalibrated, or it’s just reading high for some other reason).

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Work in progress, I’ve found the unrealistic setup but yet to find the real feel setup.

Keep stress testing :+1: