Deleting some rides

How i can deleting rides.
I got this answer from Zwift chat.


If you completed an activity and you’ve decided you want to delete it—you can do this with the Zwift Companion appWhen you’re ready, log into ZC and complete these steps:

  1. Select Activities.
  2. Select Just Me.
  3. Select the Activity you wish to delete.
  4. In the top right corner, select the Icon ( pen and ereaser )
  5. Select Permanently delete this activity?
  6. Select Delete.

Proplem is that i cant find that icon on what is on number 4

To the right of the title, looks more like a sheet of paper and pencil, if you click on that you’ll see an erase link at the bottom

Can`t find pictures like yours on my account and rides
Only like this.

No sheet of paper and pencil.

You need to do it in the companion app not on the website

Sorry my stupit question, but how and where i can find that companion

Martin Reading via Zwift Forums kirjoitti 2.4.2023 22:08:

I finally get it and found that Zwift Companion App.
Didn`t know that i had to load that to my phone.

Now it`s workin and i was deleting some rides.

Ian via Zwift Forums kirjoitti 2.4.2023 23:07: